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Monday, March 04, 2002

Here I add my clutter to cyberspace.

Listening to the news tonight the black cloud descended. Thermo-bombs the US is testing in Afghanistan can make your ear drums explode, your eyes implode and then set you on fire. Our tax dollars pay sadists to invent the things. And I don't even want to talk about the Supreme Court giving the green light to the highway robbers @ Enron.

On a lighter note, there's always fake hair, and I've got a lot of it. Did my extensions a week or so ago. They are long platinum blonde braids. Weird to be a blonde again, going back to my traumatic late high school/early college years, but they are down my back this time. My scalp itches. The only drawback to the braids, which are so much easier to deal with than my normal hair. I'm jonesing for powder blue braids, but they will have to wait 'til the summer teaching load is over.

Now reading a lot of Shelley Jackson's stuff online & started Nicole Cooley's page turner, Judy Garland & Ginger Love

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